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How procurement teams can achieve significant economies in their indirect staffing spend without upsetting the apple cart? The Cost of Talent In most organizations, staffing costs are one of the biggest bills. In recent years, the costs of payroll and of contracted...

When is a Vendor Management System not a ‘VMS’ anymore?

When is a Vendor Management System not a ‘VMS’ anymore?

Vendor Management Systems have been around for over three decades. They began as simple ‘spreadsheet replacement apps’ to manage indirect staffing costs, but what are they today? And are they right for your business? The Emergence of Indirect Labor Spend Many of us...

TRANSPARENCY IN PAY: Is it the Right Decision for Your Company?

TRANSPARENCY IN PAY: Is it the Right Decision for Your Company?

Increasing numbers of employers are making salaries visible to candidates and employees as a means to build trust and close the gender pay gap. Is this the right decision for your company? And what are the implications to individuals of sharing pay information?Pay...

Gig Work isn’t just for the Contingent Workforce

Gig Work isn’t just for the Contingent Workforce

Recent research on the impact of the pandemic on the U.S. labor market points to dramatic shifts in attitudes and behaviors. The survey performed by Self.Inc suggests that economic hardship and anxieties over job security are causing millions of workers to re-balance...

Technology for sourcing, managing, and optimizing your contingent workforce.  

Learn how the newest and most customer-centric Vendor Management System (VMS) platform is disrupting the talent solution marketplace.. 

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VMS Trends for 2021

VMS Trends for 2021

Following a year interrupted by COVID-19, Jason Main, Product and Strategy Leader, reviews the 3 biggest challenges 2020 has left behind – areas where the most change in talent acquisition and management will be witnessed – followed by his perspectives on the Top 3...

Remote Workforce Management 2021

Remote Workforce Management 2021

2021 promises to be a year of remote working, continuing the new normal of 2021. Is it time to move your flexible workforce recruitment online? In this article we take a look at ten tech innovations that have made remote recruitment a practical option.2020, the year...

10 Game-Changers

Ten Compelling Reasons to Consider Switching-VMS 

Pay for work outcomes not hours worked with SOW contracts

Invite candidates to apply directly for open vacancies – cut spend by up to 8% per annum

Embrace AI in recruitment processes to increase reach, cut costs, streamline, make better decisions

Use third-party data-sets to compare pay rates; turn data into actionable insights for smarter decision-making!

Use popular online testing tools to qualify candidate coding skills without additional login

Create a workspace for gig working and job boards; build a talent community that grows through word-of-mouth and every job posting

Score resumes using artificial intelligence capabilities…

Rapidly normalize contract terms using our embedded contract review and remediation tooling

We use AI technology to identify and escalate use of bias terminology in CVs that could negatively influence recruitment decisions

Make sure every worker completes key training through our online tracking, scoring and reporting features

Workforce management software is evolving.

Is your aging VMS up to the task?  Don’t miss out.

Features our customers can’t live without!

Integration Wizard

Our multi-tool integration product processes integration requests in days

Rapidly Deployable

Our implementation timeline takes half as much time as the industry standard

Newest Tech Stack

Simplify Mobile is the industry’s most technologically advanced, native VMS app for iPhone and Android.

Mobile Ready

Irrespective of your device, enjoy the freedom of mobile working and the ability to update records from anywhere (PC/IOS/ANDROID)


Our “no walls” “configure everything” in real-time VMS solution is the best configuration module in the business


Leave behind your user manuals and enjoy the benefits of our intuitive user-centric UI/UX interface

Market Intelligence

Use our advanced reporting and analytics modules and built-in data algorithms to identify, develop, and capitalize on labor market inefficiencies

Secure yet innovative

Our secure private cloud-based deployment platform means you not only benefit from data that’s always up-to-date and safe, being private means you can tailor your portal! 

We’ve Re-Defined Vendor Management

Our concept of a VMS platform moves beyond the bondaries of one-size-fits-all solutions. Our Total Talent Management approach offers a unifying portal to manage all aspects of non-employee engagement and global services procurement, providing full support for all aspects of agency and TTM workforce management.


Configure everything dashboards allow for role specific dashboard views


Choose from a number of different display options with our advanced analytics/reporting dashboard.


Chosse from a number of display options.
Select filters to refine views and save to your profile to revisit key insights.


Schedule alerts and report runs to sign-post key insights at times to suit your needs.

Market Intelligence

Enjoy real-time market intelligence by comparing your performance data with third-party resources provided through our integrations with best-in-class providers.

Advanced Candidate Analysis

Multi-point candidate analysis allows for ease of candidate evaluation and testing.

What People Are Saying

‘We were looking for a new innovation in the VMS market and found it with SIMPLIFY WORKFORCE. As an MSP channel partner, we value the portal enormously as implementations, integrations, and support are easy. As a go-to-market partner, we’ve won deals based on the significant differentiation achieved by showcasing a total talent management portal in deals where we’d typically present ‘big box’ VMS platform offerings.’

MSP Channel Partner

Staffing Industry

‘Drawing significant praise for its intuitive nature and highly customer-centric design, this youthful, yet surprisingly mature VMS solution benefits stakeholders through faster time-to-value, ease of use, excellent support, excellent uptime and data security.’

Industry Analyst

Tech Industry

‘Centralizing both the processes and data used to drive our contingent workforce program has evidenced the value of using one tool.  Having everything organized made pulling reports easy.  It’s helped guide our labor strategy; optimizing performance while saving time and money.’

Project Manager

Financial Services

‘Centralizing both the processes and data used to drive our contingent workforce program has evidenced the value of using one tool.  Having everything organized made pulling reports easy.  It’s helped guide our labor strategy; optimizing performance while saving time and money.’

Project Manager

Financial Services

About Simplify Workforce

We’re an AI-savvy technology company operating in the contingent workforce and service procurement market. Our tech savvy team create unique and agile solutions that enable human resource, procurement, and talent sourcing professionals to maximize profitability, optimize their non-employee labor programs, and gain visibility into their extended workforces.