Is your department facing its very own talent shortage?

Manage, Simplify, Control. You Need A Modern VMS.

Overcome your departmental talent shortfalls

Tap into more capable, experienced and diverse talent by extending your talent reach

Use AI powered tech to automation mundane tasks (such as early-stage CV filtering) and reduce hiring time overheads

Encourage hiring of quality candidates
from beyond your territory to cut environmental impact of daily commutes

Times have changed

If you have talent vacancies in your team (and let’s face it who isn’t) using a modern talent portal to reach out to top-talent direct might be the way to go.

Teams rely on great people that fit the grove of your culture and have the skills you need to hit the ground running. If you’re looking to scale your team (or fill gaps) hiring talent is the way to get fast results.

The average time-to-fill period over the last 1—months was 42 days in most industries. So, if you want to jump the queue, it pays to go direct.

A modern VMS is a game-changing tool

Direct Sourcing is a modern approach to engaging top talent direct. Using a job portal and digital job list your hiring team can build a talent pool, pre-vet applicants and take the legwork out of hiring top candidates.