Simplify TTM


Simplify TTM goes beyond the capabilities of Vendor Management Systems.  It leverages Agile Secure Private-Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot and best-in-class market insight platforms to connect you to the ON-DEMAND TALENT you need.

Our digital platform for Total Talent Management equips your business with the means to tap into talent in a number of ways:

  • Join the gig-economy and post your tasks online
  • Achieve project outcomes by incentivizing your contingent workforce to be paid on results through Statement-of-Work (SOW) contractual terms
  • Source talent through staffing firms through automated-VMS

10 Game Changers

Ten Compelling Reasons to Consider Upgrading from VMS to TTM

Pay for work outcomes not hours worked with SOW contracts

Invite candidates to apply directly for open vacancies – cut spend by up to 8% per annum

Embrace AI in recruitment processes to increase reach, cut costs, streamline, make better decisions

Use third-party data-sets to compare pay rates; turn data into actionable insights for smarter decision-making!

Use online tools to test and qualify candidate coding skills without additional login

Create a workspace for gig working and job boards; build a talent community that grows through word-of-mouth and every job posting

Score resumes using artificial intelligence capabilities…

Rapidly normalize contract terms using our embedded contract review and remediation tooling

We use AI technology to identify and escalate use of bias terminology in CVs that could negatively influence recruitment decisions

Make sure every worker completes key training through our online tracking, scoring and reporting features

Talent software is evolving.

Is your aging VMS up to the task?  Don’t miss out.

Total Talent Management Solution Possibilities

Whether you’re looking to explore what Total Talent Management means for your organization, or are looking for a  technology partner to support your go-to-market strategy, we’re here to help.

'Oven Ready' TTM Solution

Simplify TTM offers your business everything you need to reach out to the talent by combining job-boards, gig-boards, Statement-of-Work (SOW) and transitional staffing Vendor Management Systems features…

'Modular' TTM Solution

For mature enterprises with existing technology components they’re happy with, the private-cloud deployment architecture of Simplify TTM means we can dovetail our tech to work seamlessly with your existing solution components…

'Point Solution' TTM Solution

In the event there’s a specific enabling feature that you lack – such as SOW, VMS, HRIS, ATS, Job Portal or Market Intelligence solution – we can equip your enterprise with the capabilities it needs to harvest and manage best-fit talent!