Our portfolio of talent sourcing platforms equip organizations to compete for full-time and contingent talent. Fulfil your TASKS, PROJECTS, and VACANCIES faster than ever, with lower overheads.

Lower Compliance Risk


Access Talent Faster

Save Money

What is Simplify VMS?

A cloud-native AI-enabled Vendor Management System designed to manage contingent workforce supply chain for medium and large organizations.

The app’s highly configurable UI makes it easy to learn and use, delivering game-changing productivity.

What is Simplify Portal?

A portal to drive your Total Talent Management strategy. We’ve moved beyond the VMS to create a better way to source on-demand talent, helping organizations join the gig economy on their own terms.

The job we do for you

We extend your reach to more talent through direct and indirect channels, while formalizing the performance and operational behaviors of existing staffing vendor relationships.


Seamless possibilities

Our flexible sourcing options, SOW features, unifying integrations for your systems and data are just some of the ways Simplify VMS streamlines hiring and managing contingent talent.

Broadening your Talent Reach

The Simplify VMS platform is a hybrid talent solution.  It goes beyond the paradigm of traditional VMS, designed for the sole purpose of managing recruitment processes and vendors. It creates a digital ecosystem for on-demand talent acquisition.

Vendor Management – Leveraging Channels

Staffing vendors are often adept at finding the best talent in a particular discipline or geography.

However, in a highly regulated employment industry, it’s important to make sure vendors are operating ethically and mirroring the policies around performance, data privacy, data security, and equal opportunities.

Gig Economy Task Boards

The gig economy maximizes the accessible talent pool, injecting agility in your hiring. It allows your business model to adapt to change rapidly, while minimizing costs and risk.

Our task boards equip your business with the tools needed to tap into the gig economy on your terms.

Statement of Work

Don’t just hire people to fill vacancies, but to achieve the job outcomes.  That’s the compelling reason why thousands of employers use SOW for project management.  With Simplify VMS, you can too.

Direct Sourcing

Direct sourcing has become a key recruitment strategy. It lets you build your own talent pool of pre-vetted, talented and reliable candidates from which you can source talent as needed. The Simplify TTM platform includes Direct Sourcing as standard.

Talent Indexes and Third-Party Platforms

The talent market data is fragmented; it exists on third-party job sites and social platforms such as LinkedIn. With evolving talent indices, governments and groups in the private sector are bringing transparency and opportunity for growth enabled by the Simplify VMS team.

Platform features

Job Category Price-Matching

We integrate with job insights tools to source accurate, localized job category pricing.  Design an effective job taxonomy and pricing process – and never overpay for talent again.


Job Boards and Gig Boards

Post your tasks, projects, and jobs using the same portal and grow your talent pool by staying connected with individuals that apply for jobs or find you through social platforms.

Vendor Management System

Our fully featured VMS lets you tap into great staffing vendors within niche specialities. Manage vendors, recruitment, and the full procure-to-pay life-cycle.

Recruitment Process Management

Increase productivity and reduce labor intensive tasks for your team with our email and M2M automations.

Background Checks and Candidate Test/Validation

Make smarter hiring decisions with fast and reliable screening and candidate validation tools.


Fully integrated purchase-to-pay processing with transparent reporting will maximize money management and minimize your spend.

Invoicing and Money Management

The amount of money in your recruitment supply-chain could be better spent in growing your business. With Simplify VMS, you’re always in control of how your money gets used.

Actionable Performance Insights

Not all performance data helps to drive improvements. Our 30+ Key Tracker KPIs produce actionable insights that can transform your on-demand workforce strategy.

Statement of Work

Why pay for people when you can pay to achieve your outcomes?  No surprise that companies are adopting our SOW contract feature to pay for the outcomes they need instead of labor hours they don’t.

“I’d always assumed that the market leaders in VMS would offer tech capabilities beyond their smaller rivals. Simplify proves that assumption wrong on all counts.”

– Ali Sayed

AI is essential for smart recruitment

Working out which CVs reveal the best candidates is no easy task. 

AI-driven talent technology can not only surface top quality candidates, but also improve processes for instilling fairness, balance, and qualitative checks, review worker performance and optimize workflows.

Why contingent talent

Over 1 in 3 American workers are a part of the gig economy.

Delivering tasks and projects focused around measurable outcomes lets you shape the skills of your workforce to the prevailing market conditions.

Hiring contingent talent means working with individuals specialized in their field, who want to work on their terms.

Direct or indirect sourcing?

Enterprises know they need both.  It’s always more affordable to source talent directly through job boards and from internal teams, but it’s not easy to access the hard-to-reach talent for senior technical, scientific, and professional roles.

Leading businesses choose our external workforce management solutions