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Our PORTFOLIO of talent sourcing platforms equip organizations to compete for full-time and gig economy talent.  Fulfil your TASKS, PROJECTS and VACANCIES faster than ever, with lower overheads.

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What is Simplify VMS?

An AI-Enabled Vendor Management System designed to manage the supply-chain of (contingent) on-demand workforce for medium and large organizations


..and Simplify Portal?

Embracing our TOTAL TALENT MANAGEMENT mantra, we’ve moved beyond VMS concepts with Simplify VMS – and now Simplify TTM – to create an innovative new way to source on-demand talent to help organizations join the gig economy on their terms


The Job We Do For You

The Simplify VMS platform equips your business to extend its reach more talent through its vendor channels while formalizing operating behaviors of existing relations


Seamless Possibilities

Whether it’s our Statement of Work (SOW) features, the integrations we provide to unifying your systems and data, or the flexible sourcing options we include to bring you access to more freelancers, Simplify VMS offers a smarter way to source talent!



Our highly configurable and friendly User Interface (on PC, mobile iOS and Android) makes Simplify VMS the easiest system to learn and use.  It’s combined with thoughtful app design that delivers game changing productivity for program and hiring managers.


People are the most important assets in a business.  You’ve heard it said, but how true is it?   Finding those awesome people that can inject the energy, know-how and ideas to take your organization forward… Well, we don’t think a digital platform can do that.  But it can definitely help. 

The Simplify VMS platform is a hybrid talent solution.  It goes beyond the paradigm of Vendor Management Systems (VMS)  – that are designed to manage recruitment processes and vendors – and creates a digital ecosystem for on-demand talent acquisition.

Direct or Indirect?  Enterprises know they need both.  It’s always more affordable to source talent directly through online job-boards and from internal teams but it’s unlikely organizations will have the band-width to access all of the hard-to-reach talent for senior technical, scientific and professional roles.

Who’s available for your gigs? The gig economy represents over 1 in 3 workers in the United States. Delivering tasks and projects that are focused around measurable outcomes gives your business the ability to shape the skills of its workforce to the prevailing market conditions; reaching individuals specialized in their field, that want to work on their terms.

Technology is re-coding the recruitment industry.  VMS systems are built around onsite program admin roles to hand-crank simple processes to publish jobs, organize interviews and make sure vendors and contactors get paid.  Simplify VMS makes no assumption that onsite people exist to manually process tasks.  Instead, it optimizes your talent sourcing capabilities through machine-to-machine and AI-enabled automated tasks.  Awesome.

Are you distilling the best-fit talent?  For hiring managers, it’s never easy to work out which of the CV’s arriving on their desk tells a story of the ideal candidate for their next task, project or open role.  Used correctly , technology offers the potential to not only surface more candidates but to improve processes used to instill fairness, balance and qualitative checks on the efficacy of the talent on display.

Broadening your Talent Reach

Vendor Management – Leveraging Channels

Staffing vendors are often adept at finding the very best talent in a particular discipline or geography. Many employ recruiters that’ve done the job, walked-the-walk.  Leveraging the skills and energy of staffing vendors is sometimes the best way of filling vacancies.  But in a highly regulated employment industry, it’s important to make sure vendors are operating ethically and mirroring the policies around performance, data privacy, data security, equal opportunities and diversity of their customers.

Direct Sourcing

For any business, one of the best ways to source talent is to welcome it when it knocks on the door.  The Simplify TTM platform includes Direct Sourcing as standard.

Project Delivery through a Statement of Work

Don’t just hire people to fill vacancies.  Why not hire people to achieve the job outcomes you need to fulfil?  That’s the compelling reason causing thousands of employers adopt Statement-of-Work (SOW) contracts.  With Simplify VMS, you can too!

Gig Economy Task Boards

The Gig Economy is the fastest growing segment of employment.  It maximizes the addressable talent pool, injects agility in your hiring, means that your business model can rapidly adapt to change and minimizes risk.  WHY WOULDN’T you want your organization to jump onboard?  Our task boards equip your business with the tools you need to tap into the gig economy on YOUR TERMS.

Talent Indexes and Third-Party Platforms

The talent market is fragmented.  Data exists on third-party job sites and social platforms like LinkedIn.  With evolving talent indices, governments and private-sector professional groups are bringing transparency and opportunity for growth enabled by the Simplify VMS team. 

The Only VMS You’ll Ever Need

A summary of the features built into our digital platform

Job Category Design & Price-Matching

We integrate with job insights platforms  to source accurate, localized job category pricing.  Design an effective job taxonomy and pricing regime – and never pay more than you need for talent.


Job Boards and Gig Boards

We include functionality for hybrid job/gig boards. Post your tasks, projects and jobs using the same portal and grow your talent pool every day by staying connected with individuals that apply for jobs or find out about your company through social platforms like LinkedIn.

Vendor Management System

Our platform offers a fully featured Vendor Management System (VMS) that equips your business with the ability to tap into great staffing vendors with the niche specialties you need.  Manage vendors, recruitments, and the full procure-to-pay life-cycle.

Recruitment Process Management

Reduce labor intensive tasks in your recruitment team with our email and machine-to-machine automations.

Background Checks and Candidate Test/Validation

Avoid candidates arriving on their first day of work without appropriate background checks.


Fully integrated purchase-to-pay processing with transparent reporting  will maximize money management and minimize your spend.

Invoicing and Money Management

The amount of money sloshing around your recruitment supply-chain could be better spent perhaps in growing your business or boosting profits. With Simplify VMS you’re always in control of how your money gets used.

Actionable Performance Insights

Not all performance data helps to drive improvements. If you want to avoid the ‘so-what?’ questions, explore our 30+ Key Tracker KPIs; producing the actionable insights you need to transform your on-demand workforce strategy.

Statement of Work

Why pay for people when you can pay to achieve your outcomes?  No surprise that companies are adopting our Statement-of-Work contract feature to pay for the outcomes they need instead of labor hours they don’t.

We’re popular with Managed Services Providers because we bring our partners a competitive advantage.

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“I’d always assumed that the market leaders in VMS would offer tech capabilities beyond their smaller rivals. SIMPLIFY proves that assumption wrong on all counts.”- Ali Sayed

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