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We’re no ordinary Vendor Management System provider. Ours is a world of secure private clouds, AI, chatbots, and best-in-class partnerships. We equip organizations with the digital platform it needs to find and manage contingent talent globally.

Our Partners

Our global network of leading MSPs enables our clients to source, manage, and optimize their contingent workforce with ease.

By developing a symbiotic relationship, our MSP channel partners create a shared positive outcomes approach with their clients. Coupled with the ability to leverage the most reliable and agile VMS tech stack on the market, they can add more value to their client relationships than ever before.

Saving You Time and Money

We know all too well that time spent servicing a VMS can be a major issue for MSPs and RPOs.  Our solutions reduce the time needed to configure, support, integrate, and deploy talent portals and Vendor Management Systems.

Our baked-in integration options – and emphasis on configuration, not customization – allow our MSP channel partners to focus on growth and their core activities.

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