How to lead thousands of employees you’ve never met

 Insights from a “virtual’ CEO gained in her first six months.

The post-pandemic workforce: How to keep your business moving and emerge stronger

Businesses are eager to move forward in a post-pandemic world. But so much has changed that many can’t simply return to business as usual. In short: Leaders need to reimagine work and the workforce.

Remote workers – Remote workers say they’re happier, but working from home brings its own problems

Workers report feeling happier when working from home, though there seems to be a disconnect between staff sentiments and employer demands, according to research from Microsoft.

Future of Work

3 Pandemic changes to your workday you probably didn’t notice

Some subtle ways in which our workdays and work habits have changed. Once you are aware of these changes, you can choose which to keep and which to change.

Published date: 20 Feb

Source: Forbes

No more fomo: top firms turn to VR to liven up meetings

Companies splash out on new tech and office design to cut commuting and usher in the new dawn of post-lockdown hybrid working

Published date: 20 Feb

Source: The Guardian

Reinvention mandate: succeeding in 2020 and beyond

Training and skills inventories alone will not sustain the level and frequency of skilling required. Instead, we need to put people’s ability to grow, change and evolve at the center of the skilling process.

Published date: 19 Feb

Source: Forbes

Soft skills are essential to the future of work

How soft skills such as, empathy, emotional intelligence, kindness, mindfulness, adaptability, integrity, optimism, self-motivation, grit and resilience, have become crucial success factors.

Published date: 20 Jan

Source: Forbes

Workforce Management

The state of employee wellbeing in 2021

Business leaders have readjusted their lenses to focus better on the holistic wellbeing of their employees with mental wellness occupying the top slot.

Published date: 25 Jan

Source: People Matters

Flexible Work

Five ways to action better gender balance in the workplace

Words aren’t enough. How to turn the promise of gender balance in the workplace into reality.

Published date: 20 Feb

Source: The HR Director

Introducing working from anywhere

 Spotify to let employees choose whether to work at home, an office or both.

Published date: 12 Feb

Source: Spotify HR Blog

Leading with compassion: How to marry empathy to economics

Empathy, as a leadership skill, is a relatively new phenomenon. As a human characteristic, compassion is as innate as any other emotion – however, it’s rarely seen as a key component in business. Find out how COVID-19 changed all of that.

Published date: 17 Feb

Source: Human Resources Director

Back to the office?

Workers want more flexibility, but worry their bosses aren’t ready . Discover why workers aren’t confident in their employer’s preparedness for a long-term shift to flexible working, with many still lacking support while working from home..

Published date: 20 Jan

Source: Tech Republic

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