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Markets today are changing fast. Here we share our insights on what the future of work looks like.

What is the Future of work?

It’s been more than a year since Covid-19 lockdowns drastically changed how many of us work. Businesses are looking to predict what the future of work looks like moving forward and how to adapt accordingly.

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The Future of Work is ‘Hybrid’

The Future of Work is ‘Hybrid’

McKinsey & Co. has just released an eye-popping report that looks into the future of work and the move to hybrid and flexible approaches.

What Software do you need to Manage the Future of Work?

What Software do you need to Manage the Future of Work?

Choosing a VMS used to be about comparing off-the-shelf VMS apps that, once purchased, took months to make operational. Not today. Contingent Workforce Management software has evolved since the early days of Vendor Management Software. In modern systems, managing...

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