External Workforce Technology

A guide to sourcing a digital platform to manage your external workforce


Who are the stakeholders of external workforce?


What is the adoption curve of external workforce


Key Players in the Market

With 3 IN 4 EMPLOYERS struggling to find talent,

Big business is turning to the external workforce to find the crucial skills and talent it needs.

The gateway to the external workforce is a software platform, without which this digitally powered market would not exist. Curiously, the technology powering this digital disruption is described by the staffing industry as a Vendor Management System (VMS), the legacy origin of the foundational technology. Is a VMS the right technology stack to create a low-risk, robust and resilient approach to hiring and managing an external workforce at sufficient scale to support 1 in every 2 work roles?

What can a VMS do for your External Workforce Management and hiring? Find out in our free comprehensive guide.

Moving your VMS to the cloud

CLOUD NATIVE technologies are a game-changer when it comes to the potential Vendor Management Systems can bring to your enterprise.

Legacy VMS platforms limit the ability of organizations to source the talent they need and their ambitions to harness the external workforce.

They risk an existential threat resulting from organizations becoming starved of the top-talent they need (of the right quality, at the right time and at the right price) to compete.

Insights in this report:

1. Why organization are investing in external workforce management.

2. The technology driving adoption.

3. How talent strategy is becoming more agile.

4. How to improve the efficiency of work resourcing.

5. The new hiring opportunities afforded by the external workforce.

6. How increased workforce freedoms and affluence are transforming the labor market.

7. What it takes to participate in external workforce resourcing.

8. How the contingent workforce industry is challenged by a technology debt.

9. What an external workforce strategy looks like, and when to invest.

10. Finding answers to the ‘jump off’ questions that face every organization moving into external workforce resourcing at scale.