We’ve just made managing staffing vendors easy

Manage, Simplify, Control. You Need A Modern VMS.

Spend management and a reduction in indirect spend (typically 15% year one for new deployments)

Digital analytics install vendor scorecards that bring clarity to staffing vendor performance and shine a light on local labor rates so you can optimise your pricing agenda

Simplify timesheets and payments, integrating seamlessly with incumbent systems and honoring labor laws across the US and around the world

Times have changed

Once, managing a contingent workforce could be done on a spreadsheet. Unfortunately, today it’s not so simple.

A quarter of large enterprises expect to get 30% of their work done by external hires.

To fulfil this you need something more to manage your contingent hires and services.

Hiring top talent at the best rates comes from knowing the market, the labor rates in your area, the capabilities of your supply-chain, and your total indirect spend. These insights are easily accessed with a modern VMS.

A modern VMS is a game-changing tool

 SimplifyVMS brings you advanced data security and governance, simplified user experience, big data and graph technology, artificial intelligence and RPA automations… all thanks to its cloud-native architecture.