When trying to make a decision, we understand it can be difficult to weigh all the options. If you want to know why Simplify over our competitors, you are in the right place.

Simplify VS SAP Fieldglass

SAP FieldGlass is designed to equip procurement teams with a common-to-all platform for managing the performance of all kinds of vendors in a supplychain.  

Simplify VS Beeline

Arguably the first VMS solution to focus its design exclusively around indirect staffing, Beeline is a recognized name in the VMS world. 

Simplify VS Vindly

As one of the few cloud-native alternatives to Simplify VMS in SIA’s Top 10 list of best in class solutions, Vindly and Simplify VMS are often compared. 

Simplify VS Coupa

Coupa is a contingent workforce and services procurement solution designed for large enterprise procurement departments.

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To learn more about the market positioning of Simplify VMS, read the report ‘External Workforce Management’ produced by Newton Day Consulting