Gig Economy


Gig economy is changing the methods of sourcing talent, creating a flexible workforce on-demand. Read articles on this topic.

Will your company exist 3 years from now without an external workforce?

Workforce planning for the future must not be taken lightly. Here’s why relying on permanent employees alone may put your company at risk.

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The Gig Workforce Market in 2022

2022 is turning out to be a gig worker’s market. These are the 3 key factors of disruption that the gig economy will cause in the coming year.

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What can microtasks do for you?

Seeking flexibility in your work life? Or do you need someone to help you with a task? Learn about microtasks and what they can do for you.

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Talent Technology and the Future Workforce

The world of work has rapidly moved from long employment contracts and commutes, to bite-size gigs and work sessions punctuated by walking dogs, picking up the kids and taking a break in a caffe. The little legs of employer talent leaders are paddling like crazy under...
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Poll Results: Is it reasonable to cut the pay of staff who choose to work from home?

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Google had developed a location-based pay calculator which could show employees what kind of pay cuts they can expect for choosing to work from home. And Google’s not the only large employer to do so. Tech giant, Facebook,...
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VMS platforms now support hybrid working

A VMS for Hybrid WorkingThere are a great many ‘hybrids’ in the digital age—hybrid cars, hybrid cricket pitches, and, more recently, hybrid working practices. A hybrid is qualified as a thing made by combining two different elements. In the working world of 2022, the...
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The Future of Work is ‘Hybrid’

McKinsey & Co. has just released an eye-popping report that looks into the future of work and the move to hybrid and flexible approaches.

Gig Work isn’t just for the Contingent Workforce

Recent research on the impact of the pandemic on the U.S. labor market points to dramatic shifts in attitudes and behaviors. The survey performed by Self.Inc suggests that economic hardship and anxieties over job security are causing millions of workers to re-balance...
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Remote Work Has Shown a Spike in Productivity—But What About Collaboration?

There have been dozens of surveys conducted by top companies like PcW to outlets such as LinkedIn on how productivity has increased during the pandemic. These findings have led to a lot of talk about whether offices will become obsolete, and if work from home is here...

The Effect of COVID-19 on Financial Institutions

Financial Services: Leading the Charge to Recovery With the snowballing of the 2020 pandemic crisis globally, the financial health of organizations, communities and individuals have been siesmically impacted. Banks and other financial institutions have found...
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Tapping into the Gig Economy

The gig economy brings a competitive advantage by sourcing your workforce on-demand. Hiring contingent workers has a multitude of benefits.

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Gig Economy Apps Transforming Talent Sourcing

The rise of the gig economy created a need for new technology ecosystems – apps connecting organizations to the flexible workforce they need.

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What is a Statement-of-Work?

Statement of Work contracts equip companies with the means to tap into the gig economy on their terms because contractors are paid on outcomes, not hours.