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Insights, perspectives, ideas, and industry news on how the world of work is changing, and how those changes are impacting the make-up of the workforce. We also explore how organizations are adopting new technologies, processes, and behaviors to embrace digital transformations in their markets and businesses.

Will your company exist 3 years from now without an external workforce?

Workforce planning for the future must not be taken lightly. Here’s why relying on permanent employees alone may put your company at risk.

What does tomorrow’s external workforce look like and what do businesses need to do to get there?

Are you missing out because your VMS tech is out of date? Here are the 5 add-ons to supercharge your VMS and talent management strategy.

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What is Neurodiversity and Why Does It Matter?

What is neurodiversity and why it is important to talk about? Is our first article on the subject, and is crucial to understand the topic.

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The Gig Workforce Market in 2022

2022 is turning out to be a gig worker’s market. These are the 3 key factors of disruption that the gig economy will cause in the coming year.

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Key Features to Look for in a VMS

What makes a Vendor Management System great, not just good? These key VMS features are essential to help you successfully manage your talent.

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Talent Technology and diversity goals

Employees respond positively to employers who value diversity. How can talent technology be utilized in creating a fairer workplace for all and at the same time help achieve diversity goals?

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Talent Technology and the Future Workforce

The world of work has rapidly moved from long employment contracts and commutes, to bite-size gigs and work sessions punctuated by walking dogs, picking up the kids and taking a break in a caffe. The little legs of employer talent leaders are paddling like crazy under...
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Going Global with your Talent Strategy

Is your business overlooking the opportunity to leverage offshore resources? Discover whether a global talent strategy is right for you.

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The future of work – a new kind of teamwork

What has changed in attitudes to knowledge working and what the newly styled ‘future of work’ is likely to look like for millions of people.

Five Future of Work Strategy Decisions

HR leaders have been facing rapid changes over the past year. These are 5 of the important but difficult decisions that ensure future success.

AI in Workforce Management 2021

AI use in business is expected to skyrocket (54%). Why, and what are the implications for the workforce management and talent industry?

8 Biggest Talent Management Challenges

Find out what you can do to solve the most pressing talent management problems in your company. In this article, we outline 8 ways to do this.

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The Future of Work is ‘Hybrid’

McKinsey & Co. has just released an eye-popping report that looks into the future of work and the move to hybrid and flexible approaches.

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Vendor Management Software—the unlikely hero of a digital talent industry

What are the advantages to purchasing a VMS to support your flexible workforce sourcing, onboarding and management? Read on to find out.

What Software do you need to Manage the Future of Work?

Choosing a VMS used to be about comparing off-the-shelf VMS apps that, once purchased, took months to make operational. Not today. Contingent Workforce Management software has evolved since the early days of Vendor Management Software. In modern systems, managing...

Pay Transparency: Is it the Right Decision for Your Company?

More employers use transparency in pay as a means to build trust and close the gender pay gap. But is it the right decision for your company?


This month, Microsoft told their staff they won’t ever have to go into the office every day ever again if they don’t want to.  The world of work is changing, and flexible remote working is the order of the day.  That made us curious about what people think of this new...

Gig Work isn’t just for the Contingent Workforce

Recent research on the impact of the pandemic on the U.S. labor market points to dramatic shifts in attitudes and behaviors. The survey performed by Self.Inc suggests that economic hardship and anxieties over job security are causing millions of workers to re-balance...

The Need to Improve Digital Literacy for the Future of Work is Only Compounded by Remote Working

The pandemic has changed how employers think about remote work. A gap in digital literacy is a persistent obstacle to working effectively.

Four Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Gen Z

What we have known to be true about hiring the Millennial workforce is not the case for Gen Z. Here's what you need to know to help you recruit the best talent for your company. For those looking for a VMS solution for hiring and retaining talent, sign up for a demo....

Future Leaders Must Lead with Empathy to Stay Relevant

Without empathy as part of company culture and policy, firms can become obsolete. Here’s what you should know about empathetic leadership.

Go/No-Go: If your employer gives you the option to return to the office, will you go?

This week we're asking our friends, partners and clients to take part in a LinkedIn poll, which asks: "Go/No-Go: If your employer gives you the option to return to the office, will you go?" We'll let you know what the results are next week on our LinkedIn Page!With so...

Customers: What is the Future of Work at Your Company?

At Simplify VMS, we think a lot about the future of work—especially when it comes to the contingent workforce. We’re also hearing about trends from our customers. For this piece, we’d like to share some of those trends and learn more from you, whether you’re seeing...
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Remote Work Has Shown a Spike in Productivity—But What About Collaboration?

There have been dozens of surveys conducted by top companies like PcW to outlets such as LinkedIn on how productivity has increased during the pandemic. These findings have led to a lot of talk about whether offices will become obsolete, and if work from home is here...

Why CQ May Be the Most Important Measure of an Employee

Discover why the CQ or curiosity quotient may possibly be the most important measure to look for when hiring an applicant for your business.

Diverse Thinking in the Workplace

The latest article from Forbes Technology Council is written by SimplifyVMS' very own CPO, Vivek Bedi. Vivek introduces some challenging and thought-provoking perspectives on the topic of diverse thinking in the workplace.  "Without diverse thinking on our teams, we...
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Five Unique Ways You and HR Can Partner to Recruit the Best Talent

From stand up meetings to workshops, find out 5 great ways you can partner up with HR to recruit the best talent and improve team performance.

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Priorities for Talent Sourcing Post COVID-19

In this article we examine what are the short-term talent sourcing priorities employers need to think about over the next few months?

The Effect of COVID-19 on Financial Institutions

Financial Services: Leading the Charge to Recovery With the snowballing of the 2020 pandemic crisis globally, the financial health of organizations, communities and individuals have been siesmically impacted. Banks and other financial institutions have found...
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Re-Balancing IC Compliance for the New Normal

There’s never been a better time to transition your workforce to a more fluid blend of full-time workers and independent contractors.  In this article we examine how artificial intelligence has found its home performing what is on the surface a very simple...
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Tapping into the Gig Economy

The gig economy brings a competitive advantage by sourcing your workforce on-demand. Hiring contingent workers has a multitude of benefits.