Direct Sourcing


Direct Sourcing is a vital part of Talent Management that focuses resources towards the achievement of outcomes.

Direct Sourcing Talent in 2022

The adoption rates of direct sourcing are predicted to rise to 60% over the next 2 years. Why isn’t every business jumping on the DS train?

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Talent Technology and the Future Workforce

The world of work has rapidly moved from long employment contracts and commutes, to bite-size gigs and work sessions punctuated by walking dogs, picking up the kids and taking a break in a caffe. The little legs of employer talent leaders are paddling like crazy under...
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Poll Results: Is it reasonable to cut the pay of staff who choose to work from home?

A couple of weeks ago, it was reported that Google had developed a location-based pay calculator which could show employees what kind of pay cuts they can expect for choosing to work from home. And Google’s not the only large employer to do so. Tech giant, Facebook,...
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Building a Flexible Workforce

Discover how technology solutions and software designed for a flexible workforce could drive real results and economies in your organization.

Why CQ May Be the Most Important Measure of an Employee

Discover why the CQ or curiosity quotient may possibly be the most important measure to look for when hiring an applicant for your business.

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Five Unique Ways You and HR Can Partner to Recruit the Best Talent

From stand up meetings to workshops, find out 5 great ways you can partner up with HR to recruit the best talent and improve team performance.

The Effect of COVID-19 on Financial Institutions

Financial Services: Leading the Charge to Recovery With the snowballing of the 2020 pandemic crisis globally, the financial health of organizations, communities and individuals have been siesmically impacted. Banks and other financial institutions have found...