AI in recruitment


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and recruitment are go hand-in-hand as one drives efficiencies for the other. Read about how to leverage AI in recruitment.

What AI tools should you expect in a VMS?

Are you missing out because your VMS tech is out of date? Here are the 5 add-ons to supercharge your VMS and talent management strategy.

AI robot hiring manager concept

The opportunity for AI in Vendor Management Systems

The talent industry has evolved significantly thanks to the use of AI in recruitment and vendor management. How can your company benefit?

diversity in the workplace, meeting

Talent Technology and diversity goals

Employees respond positively to employers who value diversity. How can talent technology be utilized in creating a fairer workplace for all and at the same time help achieve diversity goals?

AI in Workforce Management 2021

AI use in business is expected to skyrocket (54%). Why, and what are the implications for the workforce management and talent industry?