A Guide to your Next VMS

Beyond The VMS

AI Powered

boost talent reach, cut compliance risk, speed up onboarding process, candidate screening, and qualify their skills

Cloud Native Tech

are how it improves user experience, simplifies upgrades, improves accessibility, and boosts agility

Direct Sourcing

Using your brand as a talent magnet to source talent on-demand

Talent Engagement & Wellbeing

and how it’s rebalancing business and technology priorities

Total Talent Management

and how it’s transforming VMS decisions

Gen-1 to Gen-3 Vendor Management Systems

The humble VMS that was once a spreadsheet replacement in procurement teams to manage vendor performance has come of age with the rise of the external workforce. In this guide, we step through the evolution of the VMS and its evolution from Gen-1 to Gen-3. Discover what tomorrow’s state-of-the-art looks like.

Moving your VMS to the cloud

Cloud-native technologies are a game-changer when it comes to the potential Vendor Management Systems can bring to your enterprise.

Legacy VMS platforms limit the ability to source the talent you need and harness a global external workforce.

To stay competitive, you must have a steady supply of top talent. Talent of the right quality, at the right time, and at the right price.

That’s where the Gen 3 VMS comes in.

In this guide:

Market Overview Introduction

A Workforce Fit for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • The External Workforce
  • The Shift To An On-Demand Digital Workforce
  • Tapping Into The Gig Economy
  • Moving Beyond The VMS
  • Should ‘VMS’ Be Called Something Different?
  • Talent attraction
  • Applying AI to talent management
  • Getting work done
  • Direct sourcing
  • Statement Of Work
  • Integrated P2P
  • Actionable insights
  • Total Talent Management

What can a GEN-3 VMS do for your business?

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