Go beyond the VMS

Are you ready for the new era of workforce management?

External workers and freelancers now make up over 1 in 3 roles in most workforces. Do you have a system in place to manage them effectively?

VMS have evolved to do so much more than what they’re known for. So what new capabilities are being served up by
Vendor Management Systems, and how can you benefit from them?

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What you will learn in this eBook


Learn how the global shift towards gig working and contingent workforces has shifted the way vendor management systems function and how they need to be adopted for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

What should businesses do to align their workforce management operations with their new global external workforces?


Discover how the latest tech can help you successfully attract suitable talent, and the role AI plays in streamlining your candidate search processes.

Learn about the benefits of direct sourcing, SOW, and integrated P2P modules, and how they produce actionable insights and efficiencies for businesses.

Finally, learn why successful businesses are embracing a Total Talent Management (TTM) approach to talent sourcing and management.