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Flexi-Talent: The Pros and Cons of an Extended Workforce Operating Model

The latest change in talent sourcing is driven by businesses moving to an extended workforce operating model creating a new state of competition. Is it right for you? Outlook The erosion of a job for life When my father entered the workplace in the 1950’s, his...

The future of work is uniquely human

After an unprecedented year of disruption, technology alone will not prepare organizations for the uncertainty ahead.

Working “from” home or working “at” home: what is your team doing?

There are significant compliance-related differences between working from home and working at home. Find out more in this article.

What employees are saying about the future of remote work

With many organizations planning a hybrid virtual model combining remote work with time in the office a wave of uncertainty hits employees.

How to train a remote workforce: a digital nomad’s view

This article by Andy Stofferis published on all work explains some of the tools and practices designed to assist remote workers’ training.

The Future of Work is a new kind of Teamwork

What has changed in attitudes to knowledge working and what the newly styled ‘future of work’ is likely to look like for millions of people.

The time for a hybrid workforce is now and a flexible workforce is here to stay

Microsoft has released an insightful report into their experiences of how the workforce is changing following a study of over 30,000 people.

Guide To Protecting The Business When Staff Are Working From Home

With many companies planning to introduce software to monitor staff productivity remotely, find out the top steps from HR experts

The Difference Between Freelancers And Traditional Employees Is Shrinking Fast.

How should you decide between hiring a freelancer or a permanent employee? How big of a performance difference is there?

Six Tips To Build And Integrate Your Flexible, On-Demand Workforce

Since the pandemic started it’s become imperative for organizations to develop a flexible, on-demand liquid workforce.