It’s been a busy period for Simplify VMS, and 2021 promises to continue in the same manner with the upcoming CWS Symposium Online event.

Here, we’ve handpicked three of our hottest articles from the last quarter we think are worth revisiting. Topics include, talent technology, the future or workforce management and the global workforce.

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Poll Results: Is it reasonable to cut the pay of staff who choose to work from home?

We had conducted a poll in response to the news that Google had developed a location-based pay calculator that could show exmployees what kind of pay cuts they could expect for choosing to work from home. We asked ‘Is it reasonable to cut the pay of staff who choose to work from home?’, to which the majority responded ‘no’.

This article analysed the results of this poll question and looked further into why voters believed it is unreasonable, as well as why large organizations like Google are making similar decisions about they workforce.

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The Role of Talent Technology in the Future of Workforce Management

Sep 15 | Talent Management Software

As the world of work rapidly moves to bite-size gigs and work sessions, talent leaders need help to keep up with the changes. In a more recent article, we discussed how digital technology is helping talent leaders manage the shift to a flexible workforce.

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Benefits of Capturing Global Indirect Staffing Spend

If you’re an international business, the likelihood is you’re probably already working with staffing agencies, consultants and outsourced service providers, all of whom can be classified as contingent spend.

In this article we wanted to answer the following question, ‘what are the benefits of building out a global picture of your indirect staffing spend?’

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