This week we’re asking our friends, partners and clients to take part in a LinkedIn poll, which asks: “Go/No-Go: If your employer gives you the option to return to the office, will you go?”

We’ll let you know what the results are next week on our LinkedIn Page!

With so much uncertainty around the pandemic, some employers are giving their employees the option to voluntarily return to the office. For some, that means a couple days a week, and for others full time. 


  • A change in work environment, with access to conference rooms and more
  • The opportunity to collaborate and meet with team members and clients face to faceagain 
  • Free use of office suppliesand equipment (and coffee and snacks, if you’re lucky!)  


  • A return to commuting with lost time getting to and from work
  • Office distractions that may prevent you from being as productive
  • Inflexible work-life schedule during the day, such as taking care of kids, household chores or exercise 
  • The requirement to wear pants again! Unless you’re a lifeguard. ​<Thought this was funny… 

Is your employer giving you the option to return? What would be your choice if you had the option to continue working remotely or return to the office, even after the pandemic, and why?