Sometimes we need a change. And we need to be honest with ourselves about what that change should be. After working in an executive role at a Fortune 100 company with lots of travel and seeing the long faces from my kids for being away, I was ready to find what’s next. Only it found me instead.

After receiving several calls from financial companies and startups, one unexpected role came my way that was different from anything I’ve worked on in my career. It was to lead product and outreach for an industry-changing HR talent management platform. I didn’t know much about this space and it was not where I thought I’d go next. But after learning more about the industry from the founder—and the lack of innovation there has been up until recent years, particularly to provide a simple user experience for HR professionals—I knew there was a big opportunity here for me. It’s an area ripe for disruption and that’s exactly where I like to be. That’s why I joined Simplify VMS as CPO.

Simplify is not your traditional vendor management system company. They are a nimble, and true agile tech team, that is redefining the industry to provide a one-stop talent management software. The platform allows clients to submit open positions, source candidates right then and there, and manage the candidate experience end to end. It’s all about helping job seekers find their next opportunity and HR professionals find the best talent for their company.

Here are just a few reasons why I chose Simplify VMS as my next adventure:

AI-Enabled. The team is focused on innovation as a differentiator in the talent management space. They are laser focused on using artificial intelligence to help expand the pool of candidates, intelligently vet them, and remove biases in the hiring process so clients get the best candidates in a fast and efficient way.

Integrations. The team quickly learned that clients do not want to use YET ANOTHER tool. I don’t blame them. We already have so many tools we have to use day in and day out in our professional and personal lives too. One of the key mantras of the software is a focus on integrations to provide customers with a one platform experience for all HR needs. Integrations include Single Sign On, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), HR Systems, and even linking with email via Outlook or Gmail.  

Mobile. The world is all mobile (as you already know). But for the HR space, being mobile is frankly still a new phenomenon. Simplify is one of the few in the space that has a mobile footprint for HR professionals to provide them with the features they need most when on the go. I am excited to join a company that truly leads with a mobile-first mindset.

Diversity. Raising two young kids in today’s world is hard. My wife and I strive to teach them the values we believe that all people deserve the same opportunities no matter what they look like or where they are from.

I knew I had to work somewhere that shared those values. Not only is the team global and comprised of employees from many different backgrounds and walks of life, they are also one of the few HR tech companies that are Minority Business Certified. Simplify is also a Gold Sponsor of Social Joy, an organization focused on providing resources and mentorship for women in tech, return to work candidates, as well as first-time gig workers who need help working remotely. This is so refreshing to see as it helps spark diverse thinking when it comes to problem-solving, which is critical to the success of a product.

The Untold Story. Over my career, I have done numerous talks focused on product management, fin-tech, digital transformation, company culture and more. But there is a story in the HR Tech space that is frankly dying to be shared with the world. The passion the team has at Simplify is remarkable and I am excited to lead the charge to share their story. Through social media, writing, webinars, and much more, I’ll get to talk about what the industry is truly doing to transform the HR experience, as well as the customers behind the product and the amazing people at Simplify building the game-changing technology.

As you can see, a talent management software company can be sexy, who knew? Simplify is using technology to help people land jobs and match clients with the best prospects for those jobs—a mission that is now more important than ever in this current climate. I couldn’t have started at a better time and with a better team that is making this possible.

Follow SimplifyVMS to stay in the know of our latest updates and to attend a webinar to learn more about the product. And feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions.

Vivek Bedi is Chief Product Officer for SimplifyVMS and a regular speaker and presenter on digital entrepreneurialism and business topics. Follow him on LinkedIn.