Simplify VMS, HIRE and TTM  

Our VMS Software makes hiring simpler

Get your TASKS, JOBS and OPEN VACANCIES completed faster!  Equip your business with a TALENT PORTAL to discover a smarter way to source talent.

Introducing an AI-Enabled Vendor Management System (VMS)

 Learn about your talent pool with Simplify VMS, software that’s easy to use and faster to deploy.  Use Artificial Intelligence to identify inconsistencies faster, filter CV’s more accurately, prevent recruitment bias and leverage natural language search…

Get into Direct Sourcing and Slash Your Indirect Hire Costs

Adopt Simplify VMS and build your own direct route to the talent market.  Create an intelligent job board, and progressively start to grow a pool of relevant and pre-qualified candidates for your future roles.  Experience recruiting without the cost and hassle.

Get Tasks and Jobs Done by Accessing the Gig Economy

Over 40% of the US labor force is made-up of contingent (gig) workers.  No surprise businesses want to tap into this agile workforce.  With Simplify VMS software recruiters access full-time and gig workers through the same tool.  Groovy!

Get the fastest time to hire

Simplify VMS cuts time-to-hire.  Build a talent pool that brings instant-access to suitable full-time and temporary candidates.   Publish job vacancies to all of the major job sites to broaden your reach – and access a GLOBAL CANDIDATE WAREHOUSE that offers thousands of pre-vetted technical, professional and scientific candidates.

Integrate with the systems you care about

Simplify VMS offers more than a traditional VMS.  Ours is a modern cloud-based talent portal you can use to resource work on-demand. Deployed on a secure private-cloud for each of our customers, it offers the maximum potential for innovation with integration with IT systems and third-party best-of-breed tools. 

Next-Gen VMS Software

Got the 1st Gen VMS Blues?  Explore why so many Fortune 500 businesses are ditching their 1st gen SaaS-platform VMS systems in favor of Total Talent Management VMS Software.

What People Are Saying…

Health Insurance Client

‘Having Simplify VMS Software onboard helped us understand our contingent workforce strategy and costs better.  Because of Simplify VMS, we were able to centralize our non-employee data and respond to ever-increasing compliance demands from our regulatory body in a fraction of the time that it previously took.  It’s made a difference to us to have Simplify Workforce as a business partner.’

 MSP Channel Partner

‘We were looking for new innovation in the VMS market and found it with Simplify VMS.  As an MSP channel partner we value the tool enormously as implementations, integrations, and support are easy and handled by Simplify quickly.  As a go-to-market partner, we’ve won deals based on the significant differentiation we’ve achieved by showing Simplify VMS software in deals where we’d typically present big box solution offerings.’

Financial Services Client

‘Centralizing our contingent workforce program and information into one main channel showed us the value of having an integrated tool that organizes our data, people and processes.’

Industry Analyst

‘Drawing significant praise for its intuitive nature and highly customer-centric VMS platform, Simplify VMS Software offers users considerably more than its name suggests.  With a robust reporting and analytics suite, streamlined workflows and unmatched system agility and configurability, Simplify VMS can stand up to the big box players in most use cases and surpass them in many others.’

Avoid falling foul to employment compliance and regulatory matters

Employment law can vary from territory, country and locality around the world.  Built into Simplify VMS are reference tables that make sure your recruitment approach stays within the law.  Adoption helps organizations to manage co-employment risk and avoid falling foul of co-employment regulations.

Integrate Purchase-to-Pay with your ERP

Simplify VMS includes timesheet and expense management modules that can be tailored to honor pay-scales and pay-rules of the places around the world where your team works.  The dexterity of our platform means we can integrate seamlessly with all major ERP/financial systems for machine-to-machine data processing.  Don’t fret!  With Simplify VMS, your accounting team doesn’t have to step-in with manual key-fill data entry or spreadsheets.

Pay vendors and workers on-time, every time

Optimizing cash tied up in the supply-chain means formalizing and gaining consistency in payment terms.  It also means automating sign-off and payment processing workflows to minimize manual processing, errors and ad-hoc events.  With Simplify VMS, you gain access to best-practise methods and tools, no-matter if you’ve 10 hires or 10,000!